Walnut Blasting Service

Walnut Blasting is the process of cleaning your car’s intake tracks and valves without having to take the engine apart to do so. Over time, carbon deposits build up inside the intake tract and valves and although these deposits won’t harm your car, they will result in greater fuel and oil consumption and will be detrimental to the performance of the engine.

There are various techniques that can be used to clean intake tracks and valves but none are as effective as walnut shell blasting. Not only is walnut blasting environmentally friendly, it is non-corrosive and it’s really fast – it literally just takes seconds to clean one intake track. It works by firing very fine walnut shells into the intake tract using pressurised air which breaks up the carbon deposits without causing any damage.

After a Walnut Blasting service at our fully equipped site in Sheffield you will notice improved throttle response, engine performance and increased fuel efficiency. Please get in touch with any questions or to book your car in.

German Autocentre provide dealer level standards of repair and maintenance for all makes and models of car, specialising in German manufacturers.

To find out more about our Walnut Blasting Service in Sheffield, get in touch online or call us directly on 0114 327 2027

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