NOx Sensor Repairs

A nitrogen oxide sensor, or, as it is more usually known, a NOx sensor, is a device in cars which is designed to detect nitrogen oxide. It uses a probe in the exhaust to measure how much oxygen is present, and then relays this information back to the engine management system.

Like every component in a car, NOx sensors may eventually malfunction, which can cause a variety of issues in your vehicle, often displaying as faults on the dashboard, such as:

  • reduced power
  • going into limp mode
  • reduced acceleration
  • reduced performance

This is the kind of problem that if you ignore it, it will only get worse, so get in touch today with German Autocentre, before that happens and save yourself potentially costly repair bills.

The NOx sensor is a very complicated component and can be expensive to repair however, it’s often not actually the sensor which is causing the problem but the lambda probe inside the exhaust which tests the NOx levels which has malfunctioned, and this is something which can easily be replaced.

If you’re unsure, our team will be happy to help. Give us a call today on 0114 327 2027.

German Autocentre provide dealer level standards of repair and maintenance for all makes and models of car, specialising in German manufacturers.

To find out more about our NOx Sensor Repairs in Sheffield, get in touch online or call us directly on 0114 327 2027

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